Atmospheric Characterization and Observing Systems Group


Our goal is to improve the knowledge of the connections between thermodynamics, aerosols, clouds and convection.

Our group focuses on maximizing the use of current  and future satellite platforms and other remote sensing techniques, to deliver science and products that can improve forecasts of weather, air quality and climate. We do this by focusing on the characterization of the vertical structure of our atmosphere from the surface to the ionosphere.

What we do


Weather, Air Quality and Numerical Weather Prediction
Satellite Infrastructure and Retrieval Development
Aviation Weather and Clear Air Turbulence
Tropospheric Ozone Formation
Wildfire advection and influence on Midwest Wx
Education, Society, Outreach and Advocacy

On the news:

ACOS Members headed to the American Meteorological Society Meeting

Students will be presenting their research work at the next AMS Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD this January.

Listen to:

Dr. Mayra Oyola with Dr. Marshall Shepard on Weather Geeks Podcast

This episode is all about space-borne remote sensing, and it doesn't sound right up a weather geek's alley, we don't know what is!